Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is really difficult to understand the way of propagation of yoga in modern life without understand its holistic approach to all directions in life. Question remains here - yoga is answer of every question or some specified questions.
I got a comment of my friend on my last posted few questions. It is really surprising for me to feel yoga in a very limited attributes. Peoples usually confused about truth, simplicity and love. I think these are results not the medium. Whatever we perceive in this world are untrue... real love can not be possible before Anandsampragyat Samadhi.
Religion and philosophy must open for each type of spiritual seeker.

Does popularity of yoga is good for mass public to think about? If yes then all ways of propagation is useful. But if not, then again few more question arises.

I need your involvement in this discussion.

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  1. yoga is used as therapy from ancient time. So we can not ignore this power of yoga in modern age. Does purification of body and mind does not come under realization process?