Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its neo.....yogapath!!

om swasti astu!


The 'path of yoga' is needed to understand with new(neo) view and light as a open discussion with my yoga friends and followers. We should start with some contraversial quaries with yoga-

  1. Does yoga is not only meant for self realization and not as therapy purposes?

  2. Does stage show, compitition, camps etc are spoiling theme of yoga or expanding the stream and science.

  3. Does culture of yoga studio, training centers and various academic yoga courses really strengthening actual feeling of depthness of human consciousness and yogic sciences?

..........................and many more interesting discussion with you.

I also want to share various neo techniques and researches on the field of yoga.

I invite your views and quaries with your devine understandings.


  1. Yoga is what ? need to understand by every individual. A person leading the class and a person teaching a student , their is a great difference in it.
    lets take a example.
    In a class 5 students are sitting and a teacher is telling about a yogic topic. there are seven chakras in human body.
    Now ! a teacher with a boy student same topic like this , in your body seven chakras exist.

    But a traditional Guru Shishya parampara .
    A guru examins his individual student and teachs in his own body seven chakras are lined up.

    A human being can not achieve salvation or the blessing of god without purifying him self as written.
    Yoga is the name of treatment which irredicates the illness of MAYA or meterlisum. nad makes your super awearness awake. While just talking about treatment through yoga is like your are telling the name of the Dr. but not telling about your illness.
    Yoga joins us with super power the ultimate god. and rest of the things comes in the journey while heading towards.
    so why to tell people Yoga can be for this or that . Yoga represent the union of human with god.
    You are enrolled for your Master's degree cource under the yoga stream. so dont take the name of the one of the subject which may be teach to you during the masters course or may not be according to your own ability and the level of pureness.

    let Yog be as it was.
    Dont customise the course contents according to the students of the market need. let the eligible student come for the right course.
    Ancient Yog is not a game is not a play its not a erobic show.

    Its something else which is not visible from open eyes. you need to close and step into the journey of Truth Simplicity & Love

    Bhole Baba Ki Jai
    Bhajanashrit Bhagwan Ki Jai
    Har Har Mahadev